Eternal Awakening: Chapter Three

Try not to sell yourself so short and remember that you will not be in there alone. Allow Lythia to zero in on the sorcery and you simply keep your brain on drawing near to Agnes. Regardless of the hole in expertise and power, it is difficult to defeat both a mage and a fighter simultaneously.’

Richard knew she what she was saying was solid counsel however he profoundly questioned that he and Lythia could function admirably enough together to make any sort of upset conceivable. With how obstinate she could be and the way that she reconsidered herself than others did she would likely wind up hurrying into the battle alone, spurning him. Regardless of what direction he took a gander at it he considered this duel to be to a greater extent a bloodbath as opposed to whatever else.

Alyssa had him keep preparing through lunch, advising him to disregard Lythia’s lunch for the day as she was positively skilled enough of getting it all alone. Regardless of the amount he prepared however he was unable to endure multiple trades before Alyssa’s mind-boggling ability destroyed him. Regardless of how terrible he did however she would simply continue grinning and empowering him which really felt quite decent. Essentially she wasn’t hanging all over him any longer.

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